SMF is a project lead by the Tactical Collective Team.

We are creating a complete French Faction for SQUAD.
Our plan is to select and recreate (Vehicles/Weapons/Soldiers Equipment, ect) of the French ground forces from the 2010 to 2018 era.
2025 and the Scorpion program (with vehicles like Griffon/Jaguar/serval ect) is NOT worked on , but we keep it in mind for later.

We want to evolve with SQUAD future updates , so expect to have Amphibious vehicles/ Light/Heavy Attack helicopters , Sub Factions like United Nations / French Marine Corps / French Foreign Legion /ect , with specific equipment.

2 maps are also being worked on with different localization :

“Douentza” based on a real place in Mali and “Colmar pocket” a fictional map inspired by Colmar region close to the Franco/German border.

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