BETA 22.09.01 Changelog


  • Added minimi MK3 as AR main weapon for FRA 20
  • Added mortar grid calculator, calculator is shown in the bottom left of ui mortar (under the firetable)
  • Added mortar/target height difference management for FRA mortar (X + scroll to change the value)
  • Added SCAR-H PR for FRA20 trough a new marksman kit, SFX fire use the G3 SFX with pitch increased by 50% and volume increased by 100%
  • Added FAMAS valorisé, FRA 10 role modification :
    • New SL kit with FAMAS valorisé + Eotech 552 + Grip
    • New Engineer kit with FAMAS valorisé + Eotech 552
    • New rifleman kit with FAMAS valorisé + Eotech 552
    • Replaced rifleman kit with FAMAS PGMP + Scrome J4 by FAMAS valorisé + Scrome J4
  • Added new AR role for FRA10 and FRA20, Minimi MK1 + eotech 552 and Minimi Mk3 + eotech 552 respectivly
  • Added second HMG kit for FRA10 , Maximi ELCAN
  • Added HAT kit :
    • FAMAS valorisé + NLAW + AT4 CS
    • FAMAS valorisé with Eotech 552 + NLAW + AT4 CS
  • Added LAT kit :
    • FAMAS valorisé with Eotech 552 + AT4 CS
    • FAMAS valorisé with Scrome J4 + AT4 CS
  • Added PGM HECATE II, Added sniper kit to FRA20, changed FRF2 of the FRA10 sniper kit for the PGM HECATE II
  • Added 3 marksman kit to FRA10: FRF2, HK417 SB, HK417 ELCAN
  • Added the TIGER EC665 HAB as a placeholder in Jensens Range
  • Added CMDR view in the CAIMAN for the copilot


  • Changed SFX fire HK416 for the M27 IAR with increased pitch of 10%
  • Removed VBCI cage due to cooking error


  • Changed AT4 CS to LAT instead of HAT
  • HAT kit got NLAW instead of AT4 CS for HAT
  • Replaced Maximi ELCAN by a Maximi Eotech 552 for the 1sh HMG kit FRA 20
  • Changed damage of the FAMAS, use M4 damage curve instead of a custom one
  • Giving flags advantage for INS and MIL faction (1 to 2 flags are already captured)
  • Added frag grenades to AR kits
  • Reduced mine cost to 35 instead of 50, Engineer can have a maximun of 3 mines, Mines can be grab by the engineer
  • Reduced sprint speed for Sniper kit by 10%
  • Inceased MOA of the FRF2 to 1.5 instead of 0.8 (less precision)
  • Changed damage of the FRF2 in order to match the mosin sniper one (less damage other distance)


  • Added FRA Skorpo AAS v1 : FRA (8RPIMA) vs USMC
  • Added FRA Kokan RAAS v3 : FRA (21RIMA) vs USMC
  • Added FRA Tallil Invasion v1 : FRA (501RCC) vs USMC
  • Added FRA Black coast AAS v2 : FRA (1REC) vs MIL
  • Added FRA Black coast RAAS v2 : FRA (12RC) vs USMC


  • Fixed ADS sight to be closest to reality. Front demi circle of the sight should touch the closer circle of the sight
  • Fixed a LOD textures issue with the Minimi MK1
  • Fixed AMX-10-SEPAR textures does not match ref
  • Fixed AMX-10 undesired appearing shadows on the driver porthole
  • Fixed FRA vehicle does not trigger the new mine from 3.2 squad version
  • Fixed Snow camo trailer assets does not match colors of the other french snow asset
  • Fixed cable transpenracy of the french container used in the repair station
  • Attempt to fix CAIMAN may be stuck in the Heli pad
  • May fixed some issue related to kokan layer (missing ref to some level)


  • Animation for FAMAS bayonet are missing
  • Some pose in the role out shows clipping with some weapons
  • VBCI smoke flickering
  • PAMAS got clipping with the hand
  • Missing sound may occur in burst mode for the FAMAS (will be not fixed, vanilla)
  • VBCI bolt not aligned with the texture
  • rally point in jensen’s range near the fob is not FFL (will be not fixed, vanilla)
  • 120MO missing sound when at +25m
  • SB, J8 and APAV got a mirror effect
  • VAB gunner open top got clipping leg
  • Minimi clipping during reload animation with attachment
  • VBCI cage does not take AT/TOW damage when cage is hit
  • VAB open top no recoil feedback
  • Soldier in the SAA CAIMAN got a leg in the air at max yaw
  • CAIMAN may be stuck in the Heli pad
  • HK 417 + SB, sight takes too long to render when aiming
  • Soldier in 3p does not play animation when going ADS AT4
  • Hands offset for 3p char
  • Anvil shadow are too dark (Will be not fixed, SDK issue)
  • AMX flipped when destroyed
  • UGL mouse sensitivity is linked with no zoom instead of 1x
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