BETA 22.05.01 Changelog


  • Updated HK417 SFX with AUS SFX
  • Updated HK417’s textures
  • Updated PUMA / VAB / VBCI / LECLERC / AMX ‘s textures
  • Added CAIMAN UN camo
  • Added snow camo for GBC / LECLERC / VBCI / VAB / MO120
  • Replaced M2 barrel for a more accurate version used by French army
  • Added specific repair station
  • Added AMX-10-SEPAR, replacing AMX-10-RCR for the FRA20 faction (New armor kit add 40mm than the RCR version)


  • Increased mobility of the AMX-10
  • Replaced VBCI cage for FRA 92th RI UN by VBCI UN
  • Changed vehicle radial menu of the AMX to MBT version
  • Increased CAIMAN resources : 400/600 to 900/600
  • Slightly review flight model of the CAIMAN
  • Added Hell canon for INS
  • CAF vs 2nd REP: Replaced TAPV M2 for LUVW C6
  • CAF vs 12th RC: Replaced TAPV M2 for M113A3 M2
  • CAF vs 501th RCC: Replaced TAPV M2 for LUVW M2 and M133A3 TLAV
  • CAF vs 1st REC : Replaced 1 MSVS Logi by 2 LUVW Logi / replaced MSVS TRAN by 1 LUVW TRAN + LUVW C6 / Replaced TAPV C6 by LUVW C6


  • Use of AUS NH90 content for the CAIMAN (Display, and mesh) -> reduce mod size
  • Adjusted HUD name for the CE entrenching tool, added “Engineer”
  • Updated UGL FAMAS description


  • Fixed rifle can be see through ELCAN / JA with Maximi / HK416 / Minimi / MAG 58
  • Fixed CAIMAN SAA Eotech camera not at correct position when changing pitch
  • Fixed lateral movement when firing with the AMX
  • Fixed Fire VFX for the Leclerc / VBCI / AMX
  • Fixed wheel VFX for the AMX
  • Fixed AMX-10 Rear plate fading in the body structure
  • Attempt of fix : MILAN cannot be destroyed or gunner killed with tank HE, added col mesh for the tripod
  • Fixed Tallil’s layer typo : Talil -> Tallil
  • Fixed minimap offset on Yehorivka AASv1
  • Resync the animation of the HK269


  • Animation for FAMAS bayonet are missing
  • Some pose in the role out shows clipping with some weapons
  • VBCI smoke flickering
  • PAMAS got clipping with the hand
  • Missing sound may occur in burst mode for the FAMAS (will be not fixed, vanilla)
  • VBCI bolt not aligned with the texture
  • Rally point in jensen’s range near the fob is not FFL (will be not fixed, vanilla)
  • 120MO missing sound when at +25m
  • SB, J8 and APAV got a mirror effect (vanilla bug)
  • VAB gunner open top got clipping leg
  • Minimi clipping during reload animation with attachment
  • VBCI cage does not take AT/TOW damage when cage is hit
  • VAB open top no recoil feedback
  • Soldier in the SAA CAIMAN got a leg in the air at max yaw
  • CAIMAN may be stuck in the Heli pad
  • HK 417 + SB, sight takes too long to render when aiming
  • Soldier in 3p does not play animation when going ADS AT4
  • Hands offset for 3p char
  • Anvil shadow are too dark (SDK bug)
  • AMX flipped when destroyed
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