WIP #24 Videos and informations about development

Hey Squaddies,

We are glad that you liked the videos made with Typex & MoiDawg, and we are really happy to have done that with them!
In the previous post, we’ve shown you some sneak peek for Bastille Day here is the last part of WIP24.
We are going to show you for those who haven’t seen it the videos made a week ago: the roadmap, and what we have in mind for this faction & answer Frequently Asked Questions.

We thank y’all for the support that you have shown this last month!
Let’s begin!

Videos by Typex & MoiDawg

For those who haven’t seen it, here are two videos on the French Foreign Legion Mod made by Typex on the French side & MoiDawg for the English side of it.
They are both good content creators on ATS (“accessible tactical simulation”) type of games.

Typex Video

MoiDawg Video

We had a lot of fun on creating those videos, Yes it took a bit of time as a conventional WIP but we are glad of the result, certainly more on the feedback & hypes that it gave you.

Roadmap & Bug Tracking by Medinar

Hi everyone, I’m Medinar Lead Developer & I will talk to you more about what we want to do.
We are going to give you more information about our roadmap and the future of the mod. A lot of your questions circles around this subject.

At the moment, we split the mod into 3 different parts :

  • A training map (Jensen Range) with the FFL faction
  • Douentza map (Mali)
  • French map

These mods will go through the following state:

  • Alpha: Only available for the crew of the Tactical Collective. It allows passing from the Squad SDK to a playable mod in Squad
  • Beta: A public version with limited feature
  • Release: A public version deems full for Squad

About the faction

The Alpha is a working version of the mod for the team.

The Beta means that the content of the mod got enough content to be playable in skirmish (Infantry kits, trucks, …)

The Release means that the faction got every feature like the other faction (US/RU/…). It means all vehicles, commander assets, …

About the maps

The Alpha is a working version of the mod for the team.

The Beta is a map with a skirmish Layer

The release is a map with at least one of each type of layer (AAS/RAAS/Insurgency/Destruction/TA/TC/Invasion)

We want to give this information to see the progression of the project. We cannot tell you a release date. We work in our free time, so scheduling is really tough.

At the moment only the faction mod is in Alpha.

Here is a peek at the missing elements to pass the mod in the Beta stage

Missing elements for Beta

And the missing elements for the release stage

Missing elements for Release

We hide some elements to keep some teasing…

And this one is how we track the bug in the Alpha version.

Bug tracking

Similar work will be done for the map, to keep you informed of the progression.


When can we expect a playable version of the mod?
We hope for its release in 2021.

How will we have access to it?
You will have access to it via the Steam Workshop in due time.

Why is it proposed as a mod rather than an integration of a faction by the devs like it was done so for the Canadians and the Australians?
Before a possible integration, we need to go through that step first.

What time period is the mod based on?
It is based on the 2013-2018 period.

Why did you choose the Foreign Legion?
Because it helps the international community identify with it.

Is an African Rebel faction planned for?
Possibly, once the FFL faction is complete.

What weapons do you plan for the Beta release?
The list is likely to change over time.

What vehicles do you plan for the Beta release?
The list is likely to change over time.

Did you plan to add the HK 416/417 and the Glock 17 gen5?
The HK is planned for Version 1, however, we did not plan to add the Glock. Maybe the latter will be added for a sub-faction.

Will there be maps coming along with this mod?
Yes, there are two of them: Douentza in Mali and Colmar in France.

What outfits will the characters wear?
We are focusing on the T4 fatigues, the UBAS shirt, and the SMB tactical vest.

How will you balance the mod with the vanilla game?
By making careful choices about vehicles and equipment so that they concord with the existing factions in Squad.

How do you design sounds?
We have sound engineers, voice actors, and military advisors working together to design the sounds you will find in-game.

What type of voice will the characters have?
There will be different voices with different accents to represent the Foreign Legion aspect of the faction.

Can we financially support this project?
Not at the present moment. However there is a possibility that we will open a fundraising if need be.

Most vehicles, weapons, and equipment showcased in the videos – such as the VBCI, the AMX-10 RCR, and the VB2L – are still WIP and will be polished. Our team counts active servicemen as its members, their attention to detail helped us correct mistakes we made on some models over two years ago.


Please also acknowledge that Squad is not a military simulation. Therefore, we will need to make a few sacrifices regarding realism for performance and gameplay’s sake. However, feel free to provide us with military knowledge on our Discord’s #references channel.

We thank y’all again for the support, if you are interested in joining the team post your stuff in #recruitment of our public Discord
See you soon!

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