BETA 21.12.03 Changelog


  • Review Fire SFX of the HK416 and FAMAS
  • Updated Leclerc CMD reticle to be connceted with the gunne
  • Added an offset for OECC and 12.7 reticle to compensate the difference between these weapons


  • Fixed texture on the antenna for the Leclerc desert and UN
  • Fixed 2 HMG in the same squad for FRA 20
  • Fixed VAB open top 7.62 UN textures not matching the body
  • Fixed misplaced Galix on the Leclerc turret
  • Fixed front suspension positon of the Leclerc, Mesh error can be seen with the old position
  • Fixed some part of the G17 gen5 which don’t move with the slide
  • Fixed textures error with eotech 552
  • Fixed wrong name of the Maximi. FN Minimi 7.62 PARA
  • Fixed rallypoint going through the ground
  • Fixed No CMD asset for the french faction
  • New patch for the CAIMAN block /explosion on spawn
  • Review some element on the CAIMAN in order to improve the landed status


  • Animation for FAMAS bayonnet are missing
  • Some pose in the roleout shows clipping with some weapons
  • VBCI smoke flickering -PAMAS got clipping with the hand
  • Missing sound may occur in burst mode for the FAMAS
  • VBCI bolt not aligned with the texture
  • rally point in jensen range near the fob is not FFL (will be not fixed, vanilla)
  • 120MO missing sound when at +25m
  • SB, J8 and APAV got a mirror effect (vanilla bug)
  • VAB gunner opentop got clipping leg
  • Minimi clipping during reload animation with attachment
  • VBCI cage does not take AT/TOW damage when cage is hit
  • VAB opentop no recoil feedback
  • Soldier in the SAA CAIMAN got a leg in the air at max yaw
  • CAIMAN may be stuck in the Heli pad
  • AT4CS missile protection does not go away after firing
  • Maximi fire flash is not at the right position
  • HK 417 + SB, sight takes too long to render when aiming
  • Leclerc body color near the track does not match reality (UN and desert)
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