BETA 22.03.01 Changelog


  • Added soldier skin (CE, Desert, Snow, UN)
  • Added team join selection Image for each biome with FRA2010/FRA2020/UN variants -Added AMX-10-RCR, when engine is on and not damaged. Use mousewheel to change the height of the body, Use handbrake + mousewheel to change the pitch of the body, Use stabilization key to correct the roll
  • Major update on layer and faction. Only 9 faction setup instead of 14. 1st REC / 2nd REP / 2nd BB / 1st Spahis / 92th RI / 501th RCC / 8th RPIMa /12th RC / 21th RIMa


  • Modified the FAMAS hip position in 1p, closer to shoulder
  • Removed the test role for the FRA2010 in Jensen’s Range
  • Updated FAMAS and HK416 Fire SFX for 1p and 3p
  • Updated number of VAB to 8 instead of 10
  • Updated FAMAS animation in order to match the FAMAS grip and the reloading animation
  • Removed VBCI in Kohat Skirmish
  • Updated rear sight mesh of the HK416
  • Added InfBag to the exterior decoration of the VAB
  • Updated Milan reload animation with camera
  • Updated the cost of fortification in accordance to 2.14


  • Fixed Spawning underground in Yehorivka and Gorodok
  • Fixed wrong ammobag was used when biome was forest or snow
  • Fixed CAIMAN SAA rotation, limit where inverted
  • Fixed CAIMAN M2, rotation limit were removed, now it’s 40°yaw and -35 to 5 in pitch axis. Same for the PUMA
  • Fixed the flash coax position of the Leclerc
  • Fixed VAB seat 9, wrong window and wrong view
  • Fixed named of the M240 VAB to “VAB CB52” instead of “VAB”
  • Fixed Leclerc body colour near the track does not match reality (UN and desert)
  • Fixed AT4 LODs may look weird in some case
  • Fixed AT4CS missile protection does not go away after firing
  • Fixed minimap in goro is offset
  • Fixed VAB not spawning in FRA Fool’s road RAAS v1
  • Fixed MBT not spawning after the 2.12 update
  • Fixed Double spawn of Heli in Tallil
  • Fixed missing sound level for Anvil layers
  • Fixed French FOB cannot be put in Fallujah
  • Fixed HK416 textures too reflectives
  • New patch for CAIMAN may be stuck in the Heli pad
  • Improvment on the inside VAB texture became dark with the update (cannot be fixed)
  • Fixed ADS blur effect for the HK416 ELCAN / HK416 Scrome J4 / HK417 Elcan / Maximi ELCAN / Mag 58 ELCAN
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