WIP #22 GBC 180

Hey Squaddies,

We are super happy to see a lot of people joining us every day and some getting hyped up again and we thank you all for this.

Since the last WIP, we’ve made a lot of progress and recruited some new cool people such as Yummicecream on 3D, Victor on 3D, MyDude on Animation & Medinar to the development.

To thank you all we are proud to show what we’ve done this month.

GBC 180 by HCardioid & DanielSMA

We are almost finished with GBC 180 currently textured by Daniel with the help of MaRqUiS.

Multifonction Pouch by Victor

Here is a multifunction pouch made by Victor, that you will find on French vehicles and will be add on those.

AC PR F1 Mine by Drakoliche

Drakoliche is currently working on the Anti Tank Pressure Mine High Poly, you will see more soon.

FRF2 Animations MyDude

We are so happy to have MyDude now in the team as an animator. He has done a really good job on the bolt action FRF2.

Rifle grenades by TiTooNeT

Titoonet worked on the rifle grenades, that you will find in Grenadier and ATs Kits

Made 3 versions :

  • APAV F2: Fragmentation rifle grenade (replacing the APAV F1)
  • FUM 47: Smoke rifle grenade
  • AC 58: Anti Tank rifle grenade

Vector IV by Yummicecream

We’ve planned to have a range finder like the Vector, beautifully done by Yummicecream.

Aimpoint CompM2 by Yummicecream

Yummicecream also worked on the Aimpoint CompM2, the version used by French army. It will bring more realism to our faction.

AANF1 by Drakoliche & TiTooNeT

We won’t be using the AANF1 for infantry, we’ll be using it mounted onto the AMX 10 RCR and Leclerc XXI, so we’ve created the pintle mount that allows the two to be used together.

Documentation & Kits

To show you all what was done on this mod, we’ve made a “documentation” section on the website. You can find on it the majority of what we did: models, assets, etc. We are working to complete it.

This section will also be updated after our future WIP. Don’t hesitate to look at it!

We also worked on a kit list for all available roles on Squad. You can find out that on the “kit” section. In the same way as documentation, this section may change due to game evolution, new stuff, or balancing.


To finish, we will make an F.A.Q for the next WIP. If you want to ask us questions, just write it on our discord channel #english-faq-questions for the English community and #french-faq-questions for the French community!

We thank you all for the support!
If you are interested in joining the team post your stuff in #recruitment
See you soon!

  1. Alpha

    Great job guys Im hyped, I hope this faction will be in the game like the canadian faction

  2. Santini

    waiting for news..fantastic for now

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