BETA 21.05.02 Changelog


  • Added accepted commander VO
  • Updated all armor mesh of vehicles + wreck col to the new squad component (SQArmor)
  • Wreck VBCI will show cage if the destroyed VBCI was a caged version
  • FRA20 got Glock 17 (GB) instead of PA MAC and PAMAS
  • Added New antenna to VAB
  • Added 600m coax mark for VBCI gunner


  • Reduced armor value of the VBCI (in order to get more are area hit with .50cal)
  • Reduced AT4 initial velocity from 290 m/s to 220m/s in order to match IRL value


  • Added FRA vehicle diarama in jensens range


  • Swap smoke grenade between FRA10 and FRA20


  • Fixed ads zoom in 4th seat PUMA
  • Fixed PUMA LOD (changing between PUMA and SA330)
  • Fix HK417 staying in the air upon death
  • Fixed VBCI missing turret colission
  • Fixed Minimi ammobag, wrong texture
  • Fixed VBCI textures, added black color where the mag58 is put
  • Fixed thin reticle Vector IV + SJ8 (FRF2)
  • Changed FAMAS bayonnet to SG 2000 for LAT1 (FRA20)
  • Fixed camera clippin with gunner VBCI when pitch at max value
  • Fixed not matching VBCI wrecks (always forest)
  • Fixed flat tyre VBCI effect
  • Fixed VBCI gunner weapon indicator (P = AP, E = HE, 7 = Coax, F = FUM)
  • Removed stab indicator for VBCI CMDR
  • Fixed VAB crows zeroing (300m indicator was 100m)
  • Fixed FRA20 got a FRA10 crewman role (he got FAMAS instead of HK)
  • Fixed layer Al Basrah skirmish v2, expeting FRA vs GB instead we had FRA vs FRA
  • Fixed warning log with grenade animation
  • Fixed text description of weapon (less return line) in order to match vanilla text
  • Fixed vehicle spawner in jensens range (missing vehicle and minsk spawn instead of the intended vehicle)


  • Animation for FAMAS bayonnet are missing
  • GBC desert camo contains several errors
  • When changing range with FAMAS UGL, the FAMAS attachment does not follow these change
  • Some pose in the roleout shows clipping with some weapons
  • VBCI Commander turret is not attached
  • VBCI smoke flickering
  • PAMAS got clipping with the hand
  • Missing sound may occur in burst mode for the FAMAS
  • VBCI bolt not aligned with the texture
  • Rally point in jensen range near the fob is not FFL (will be not fixed)
  • 120MO missing sound when at +25m
  • SB, J8 and APAV got a mirror effect (vanilla bug)
  • FAMAS UGL transition with mutual weapons
  • VAB no sound in CROWS seat
  • PUMA : we can see a gap between the window and the body (cockpit)
  • VAB gunner opentop got clipping leg
  • Minimi clipping during reload animation with attachment
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