Work In Progress #10 | Growing Team, Map, Tank, Etc.

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All Vehicle Designs, Object Designs, Product Names, Graphic Logos, Brand Names, References  are property of their respective owners and are for identification and non commercial purposes only ; use of these Vehicle Designs, Object Designs, Product Names, Graphic Logos, Brand Names and References does not imply endorsement. We plan to obtain any authorization required before in game implementation.

Growing Team

We welcome the very talented Anastasia, Wasti, Elly and Warprica!
StrangeZak and Kab from OWI are giving a hand on building animations and are answering our technical questions regarding the mod and future way to work with new modding tools for Squad.
53 boyz and girl touching the mod a way or another, I thing we are good now!

On behalf of the Team, I would like to thank You all for your Interest and your Great Support.

SqFR . Skor.

Sound Design

SimO__ (Sound Designer): “This month I’ve been particularly focused on the TRM2000 in order to get it completed to an alpha standard. The vehicle now has new and improved internal and external audio, an enter and exit door sound as well as cab lights, headlights and tail lights. The TRM2000 is not fully completed but will most likely have its final adjusments made by the end of the week. In other audio news, place holder gun shot and reload sounds for the FAMAS have been completed and we are simply waiting for the animators to complete their work before implementing these features into the engine. Next month expect to see a VBCI audio overhaul, binoculars sounds for the new SMF binoculars, C4 explosions and dynamic bullet casing audio.”
Keep in Mind that this is a VERY LOW GRAPHIC QUALITY model – nowhere close to the final result. Focus on Vehicle Ambiant Sound and Engine.

New Logo

We needed a new Logo. It’s done. We love it.
Camo version.


Here she is! And she’s building the AMX 10 RC.

Anastasia (3D Artist): “Hi. You asked a little bit about me! My name is Anastasia and I’m from Russia. I was born on Chukotka (northern woman haha :smiley: ). I work as 3D artist for 2 years now and I am taking part in a foreign project for the first time. I like it :smiley:

France made the choice of being equipped with several wheel tanks. Speed, Versatility – A Very aggressive way to play! To give you an idea of Scale, Anastasia placed a current game Character.


“Hi, Phoenix here! I have been working on the C-4. Together with Lokenn (Documentalist) we settled on a design that would fit our mod both design- and gameplay wise. I used Maya and ZBrush for modeling and Substance Painter for texturing and rendering. Recently I was named Lead 3D and I will keep striving to provide you guys with cool content!

Lokeen: “Usually, wireless remote are simple fireworks remotes. But this kind of system is not very common. So we decided to keep a well known model in video games of Claymore remote, with an electrical detonator fixed on a Hexomax block.”


Legion (Lead Level Designer): “Our mapping section was slown down through the latest SDK update, causing problems with old Materials. After a couple of weeks most errors were solved and some new textures were added. We decided to work on a smaller area to hand out asap a playable version for the players. Progress should be more steady now. All compounds will receive a more african look soon to fit the area.”

Airport Tower by Chap (3D Artist).

Acacia Trees – Different States by BobbyJ (3D Artist).

Working on layers.

InGame Landscape (WIP).

Accurate representation of Real World Locations.

More Weapons and Accessories

Blow it Baby_James!

Rebellion version.


    its wonderfull….i wish the project will have a great future.

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