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Bonfunk (3D Artist): “While I was working on HK 417 I ran into a problem modeling 1 piece of the weapon so I decided to take a break. I opened our TO Do spreadsheet and found this small prop to do to rest my mind from the HK. Thanks to Lokenn, I had my references ready very fast so I started working on it. Took about 4 days of work from reference to low poly. Pretty fun model to do :smiley:


By Chap (3D Artist). More to come about it.


Pawin (3D Artist): “It’s time to finally add some stories to the Minimi. The textures are currently in WIP. It will represent the version that France army is using. Overall, I’m trying to create looks parkerized material then add soft wear with smaller scratches on flat surfaces. Hopefully, it will convey the feeling that it been in service for a while. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to add some dust here and there. It has been extremely rewarding to see the gun come to life. I would like to give a big shout to the SMF team of hardworking and the support.”

Lokenn (Documentalist): “For many months, the new Mk3 Minimi is provided in the French army, depending of the regiments. Not very well known, It is a new weapon very beautiful and formidable we want to show you today, created to improve the old school FN Minimi Para. Already used by special forces, you will probably see it again in a future French SOF mod.”

TRM 2000

Phoenix (Lead 3D Artist): “Lately I’ve been doing some more work on the Renault TRM 2000. There were some issues with the model so I ended up doing a complete retexture of the body and the wheels. The body/cabin of the truck now has more resolution and I’ve added some decals (french foreign legion logo, license plate, our own logo). Besides retexturing I’ve did some optimizing on the model and fixed some issues with the smoothing. Next I will be creating the PAMAS G1 pistol that will be used by our soldier classes. TRM’s headlights will be added in-engine.”

Water Tanks

BabyJames (Creative Director / 3D Artist): “With our map we’re really trying to make it our own, and not just another map with the same squad assets, so that means.. lots of static prop creation!! Now that most of the character art, weapons, equipment and vehicles are near completion, we 3D artists can begin creating buildings, map props and other items that are key to breathing life into the landscape and ultimately making the player feel they are actually fighting in Mali !! These water towers are very common in west Africa, and as we’ve created them as modules it allows us to plonk other stuff on top for the marksmen out there.”

By TexasFury and Legion, with the Map Team


By BabyJames (Creative Director / 3D Artist) and TiTooNet92 (3D Artist)

Water Drum

By Koen (3D Artist)


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