BETA 21.10.02 Changelog


  • Added CAIMAN SAA MAG58 (jensens + main heli for FRA2020)
  • Added automatic closing door for CAIMAN
  • Added Glock shovel
  • Added Forest soldier camo
  • Added new textures for the field dressing
  • Added New layer (see mod page for more info) Anvil and forest level
  • Added capped part for the MILAN missile
  • Added HK416 Fire SFX instead of M4
  • Added all FAMAS fire sfx instead of some L85
  • Added ELCAN specter for HK416 and MAG58 (change zeroing in order to change the Zoom level)


  • INS layer are against UN French, vehicle camo only for the moment
  • Lashkar valley RAASv1 rebalance (US got more vehicle M2A3 + UH60)


  • Added MILAN to Jensens range
  • Added CAIMAN M2
  • FRA 20 got all FRA10’s layer


  • Fix M2 support for the CAIMAN
  • Fix commander in sumari AASv1
  • Fix FOB radius to 300m in Logar / Sumari / Chora / Skirmish layer
  • Fix minimum bandage for rifleman : 2 to 1
  • Fix wrong spawn delay for VBCI (6min instead of 10 min)
  • Missing spawn time for logi and transport
  • Removed all legacy spawn value or number of vehicle references in faction setup, use of the generic one instead
  • Removed spring for AT4 prop
  • Fix clipping between seat and passenger
  • Fix LAT and HAT restriction

Knows bug

  • Animation for FAMAS bayonnet are missing
  • GBC desert camo contains several errors
  • When changing range with FAMAS UGL, the FAMAS attachment does not follow these change
  • Some pose in the roleout shows clipping with some weapons
  • VBCI smoke flickering
  • PAMAS got clipping with the hand
  • Missing sound may occur in burst mode for the FAMAS
  • VBCI bolt not aligned with the texture
  • Rally point in jensen range near the fob is not FFL (will be not fixed)
  • 120MO missing sound when at +25m
  • SB, J8 and APAV got a mirror effect (vanilla bug)
  • VAB no sound in CROWS seat
  • VAB gunner opentop got clipping leg
  • Minimi clipping during reload animation with attachment
  • VBCI cage does not take AT/TOW damage when cage is hit
  • Grenadier and CE are shown in two different icon instead of a list in the FRA 2020 kits.
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